Hair salons in skilled nursing and assisted living communities are set to reopen

15 July 2020

Effective July 20th, the hair salons in our OHIO skilled nursing and assisted living communities may open with many safety measures in place. Prior to opening, the salon will be sanitized and all magazines removed. The hair stylist will wear a facial covering when entering the community and then wear a surgical mask when in the community. Upon entering, the hair stylist will complete a COVID-19 screening and temperature check. The hair stylist will wear a surgical mask, a face shield, and gloves while providing services. Residents who are able, will wear masks in the hair salon unless the resident is unable to tolerate the mask or will not keep on due to cognitive deficit. The chair will be sanitized in between each resident. All products that are re-usable, including cape/apron, will be cleaned in between each resident. Any items that are not able to be sanitized will not be re-used until they can be properly cleaned. If more than one (1) resident is in the hair salon at a time, social distancing will be maintained. Hand sanitizer will be provided in the hair salon and no refreshments allowed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.